Property Tax Reduction

By some estimates, 60% of private property in the United States is over assessed for tax purposes. In such cases, It is possible for the commercial or industrial property owner to save hundreds of dollars a year –year after year -- in taxes by successfully appealing their property assessment. But because challenging a property tax assessment is an arduous process, in terms of both time and expertise, many property owners continue to pay rather than suffer through an appeal. This despite the fact that their chances of obtaining a lower rate on appeal are quite good. And despite the fact that a lower assessment can also favorably affect other entities - such as special improvement districts, water districts, sewer districts, fire districts, community college districts, and soil and water conservation districts – whose fees to property owners are based on the tax board’s property assessment.

The key to a successful property assessment appeal lies in obtaining the services of a highly qualified professional, preferably one with years of experience in your own geographical area, and a track record of success with the local tax board. We are pleased to convey that Tierra Properties’ property tax reduction experts meet all these qualifications. Here are a few examples of the types of Los Angeles property valuation cases we have appealed:

  • Apartments, large and small
  • High rise office buildings
  • All types of commercial property
  • All types of industrial property

This wide-ranging experience helps account for the success of Tierra Properties' tax reduction professionals in the tax courts. We invite you to give us a call and arrange a meeting. We would be happy to discuss the likelihood of a favorable tax reassessment for your property.

For more information, contact Irma Vargas: phone (310) 477-3192, email


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